What is it?

Prurigo Nodularis simply means "Itchy Bumps". These itchy bumps are not ordinary. They are extremely instense, causing major discomfort.
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Every ones cause is different.Main causes are Yeast Infections, Toxins, Fungal Infections, Poor Diet, Poor Liver Function.
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Detox and a raw food diet can be the key to getting your life back. Raw foods, herbs and exercise is what your body needs to heal it's self.
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A Prurigo Nodularis Story

Annnwu is from Thailand and has lived with Prurigo Nodularis for 3 years.

"I had tried many treatments and medicine to get PN cured, but all of them did not really work (UVB light, steroid, antihistamine, antibiotics, Thalidomide, cryotherapy, Chinese herb, many other medicines etc). When I started to use Thalidomine in 2007, I got huge relief at that time. However, some side effects happened, so I stopped using it. Of course, the itch and bumps returned. I gave up medical treatments and tried the below methods until now.

"When I wake up in the morning, I usually cut each potato, carrot and apple into slices and put these into the blender. Blend until smooth. I usually drink this kind of juice before I eat breakfast. In addition, I do not eat shrimps and crabs."

Previous Treatments: UVB light, steroid, antihistamine, antibiotics, Thalidomide, cryotherapy and Chinese herbs.

Exercise: Qigong, deep breathing, belly dancing.

Cure: Fresh potato juice (I drink this kind of juice once a day), no mushroom and bean sprouts. No hot water, soap. Mentholatum AD cream. Cetaphil cream (fragrance free).